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Invisible Conversations that kill or cure

Isn’t it amazing how we discount the invisible domains of life, when they continue to wield so much impact on our lives? Take for example electricity. We use it without too much though or consideration. We’ve got no idea about its technicalities, we just hit the switch and it’s there. It’s only when it’s missing that we understand the value and impact it has on our lives.

The same goes for Radio and TV. It’s such a regular aspect of our lives, that we’ve just automated its consumption and effects. We’re often unaware of its pervasive impact.

There is another domain of invisible interaction that is the most invisible, yet the most deadly. It impacts every single aspect of our lives; health, relationships, happiness, what we can and cannot achieve, salary, sex, satisfaction and success and wealth.

Every single human is impacted consciously or unconsciously by the effects of the invisible conversations we have with ourselves. The reality is we have multiple, ongoing conversations depending upon what we are doing, what our challenges or opportunities are, how the boss is behaving and how appealing that mental image is that we’ve recently, or no so recently, embedded in our minds’ memory banks.

Invisible conversations could be the most powerful and constructive experience we ever have. Sadly for most people, it’s the converse. Many people are negatively impacted by their invisible incessant “little voice”, which constantly berates, chastises and undermines their potential, taking them away from this 1 moment of – NOW.

Just stop for a moment and become aware of your inner voice… Get a sense of it. Who or what is it? What is its intention? Does it help or hinder your journey through life? Is the tone kind, gentle and loving or is it hard, harsh and belittling? Is this voice your friend, your true and loving self or is it some unwelcome dark guest?

Apparently, we have around 50,000-80,000 thoughts a day – Some thoughts are positive and some not so positive. Who is in control of these thoughts? Who or what is the source of all of this incessant mental prattle.

I always find it amazing with my coaching clients, to discover how harsh and berating many of my female clients’ “invisible voices” are towards them on a constant basis. I seem them smiling on the outside, but behind their masks, that invisible conversation is constantly pulling them down and attacking their self-esteem.

It almost seems as if they are “possessed” by another energy or aspect, over which they have no control!  Have you ever tried to turn off your mind or thoughts as you’re attempting to go to sleep after some not so fun event or argument? It’s no easy at all, is it? Many people find it hard, if not impossible as times, to quiet their racing mind.

The real truth is that we often invisibly verbally, and emotionally, abuse ourselves…over and over and over again. We may even abuse ourselves far worse than any other person may dish out in a fit of anger, rage or harmful intent. The reality seems that we will accept about as much abuse from another as we will perpetrate on ourselves with our invisible conversations.

We just somehow never seem to get past the inner issues and move on. We seem to blame and berate ourselves 100’s of time for something that should only have been handled once and done! No more recriminations.

I’m going to share with you a few insights I have discovered over the last 9 years of freedom-through-releasing and my own flavor of personal transformation work, around invisible conversations. I have discovered that all of us have this inner conversation, and some people have more than one inner voice. These may be friendly or fiendish. A few people seem to have numerous parallel or competing invisible conversations.

I have discovered that it is possible to be thought-by-a-thought, that is not your initial thought. What I mean by this is that based upon the dynamics of energy, body-mind and consciousness, the possibility exists for another person / consciousness to interpose their own pictures and thoughts into your mind, which will impact your feelings directly. Unless you are very aware, you probably won’t be able to discern these occurrences as different from your own usual thoughts.

I have encountered people, who through childhood trauma, have multiple aspects arise within their consciousness / mind with voices that debate, berate and cajole them invisibly, incessantly from the inside. This is sometimes identified by psychologists as Disassociative Identity Disorder or DID – or Multiple Personality.

There are people who through drug/alcohol abuse, unconsciousness/operations, shock/trauma or unconscious/conscious invitation, have “other energies”, infect and co-habit with them in their body-mind system. Very often the consequential invisible conversations have no positive intention bordering on extreme malevolence and covert intention of blocking the host person from any positive experience or action.

And there are people who have the thoughts, beliefs and programmes embedded into their mental operating system from their parents, teachers, religions etc. These may show up as mom or dads’ voice in your head or “rules” that we are guided to live by.

I remember having a particularly destructive “invisible voice” when I was playing provincial hockey for the SA Navy and WP Hockey.  If I made a “mistake” my invisible internal voice would berate me with cruel, undermining, unsympathetic and brutal commentary – “you waste of white skin!” Stop breathing you f’ing stupid useless jerk, you can’t even play hockey!” and so on. This invisible conversation was chaotically un-supportive. But no-one really knew – because they were on the outside of my very own invisible conversations.

I was completely unconscious of the pervasiveness of the negative effects my little, and often, not so little, internal voice had, and the way it impacted my life in all areas.  It was only after I discovered a process whereby I could become aware of, and address, the internal thought-viruses and invisible conversations that I was able to begin to address the limiting impact of my invisible, but powerful conversations.

What has been fascinating for me in my personal transformation and healing work is the number of people who are completely unaware of the potential of energetic infection / influence. An interesting book to read for more information would be “Remarkable Healing” by Dr Shakuntala Modi.  Just because you don’t believe in weeds, doesn’t mean they cannot take over your garden!

So if you are having invisible conversations that are not fun, friendly and supportive, you might gain benefit from a Releasing process that would enable you to begin to become more awake, and more aware, and more in control of what’s going through your mind and affecting your energy system. Maybe it’s time to install a LifeMasters mind-body anti-virus programme.

It has been found that quite often the symptoms a person is feeling or experiencing, is directly linked to some other energy, entity, or consciousness co-habiting within that person’s energy and consciousness. So the depression or anxiety that you are experiencing may not even be yours!

I’m sure your mind is a little hesitant right now, but ask yourself the questions.  How did “I”, whoever I is, get into this body? And how will I leave at some time? And…can other I’s co-habit in this energy system? For additional free information on Spirit Releasement Therapy” send an email to

Initial Steps to Personal Freedom

  • Step 1. Become aware of your invisible conversations and their contents and underlying intentions.
  • Step 2. Consciously monitor and direct unhelpful thought processes to positive, loving, forgiving, creating.
  • Step 3. Very often the mind is a “liar” don’t believe every negative thing it tells you about yourself!
  • Step 4. Intentionally create and hold, in your mind, positive and supportive thoughts and pictures.
  • Step 5. Do Releasing to neutralize your Self-Blame, Self-Guilt, Self-Shame and Self Anger.
  • Step 6. Revoke all decisions (Conscious/unconscious) to limit your Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
  • Step 7. Forgive yourself completely for all past mistakes – EVERYTHING! Do a forgiveness ritual. Forgive all others completely for all past mistakes – EVERYTHING! Do a forgiveness ritual.
  • Step 8. Make a pact with yourself to only permit positive thoughts, pictures in your mind-body system.
  • Step 9. Start a daily process of building Self Awareness, Self-Esteem, Gratitude and Love.
  • Step 10. Make a promise to yourself to keep your WORD – Integrity, truth, love.
  • Step 11. Each day, quietly internally, ask with authority, that all of your energies are returned, cleansed, healed and re-integrated back into your mind-body system, and that any energies/attachments (Dark Energies) not from you, or for your highest-good, (Not from the light) be neutralized, cleansed and removed forever – now.

Over my 29+ years of releasing and consciousness work, I have discovered that we are powerful, multi-dimensional Beings, with an incredible capacity and potential for love, compassion and creativity. My challenge to you is to discover and release what’s been holding you back from bringing your light, your love and your gifts to the planet. It’s time – to take back your freedom… through releasing the negative invisible conversations. Your life can shift in moments… from dark to light, from fear to love, from shame to worth, from hurt to heal, from prison to freedom. You have the power. You are a thought away from LOVE.

It all starts with becoming aware and awake to the impacts and effects of your invisible conversations. Remember to speak to yourself and others, with Love – you deserve it. Please note this is not intended as a replacement for professional help if needed. If required find a COMPETENT professional, who really understands these areas of life, to assist you – not just a psychologist etc…. . I’ve been in front of psychiatrists whose ONLY response is MEDICATION! There are better ways. Take back your power. Take back control and consciousness forever.

The benefits of positive invisible conversations can be …

• Healthier – Research Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI) for more info on how powerful your beliefs are.
• Less stress – ALL stress is self induced as a reaction to an internal or external stimulus
• Fee Happier – Ever get tired of living with a complainer? – Stop your internal complainer for instant relief!
• Greater Resilience – Resilience & determination are founded upon how well you manage your invisible self talk.
• Greater Self Esteem – Self Esteem is our foundation of confidence and action.
• Greater Self-Confidence – the real person that gives all meaning and pulls us down constantly, is ourselves.
• Inner Peace – When inner wars, shaming, blaming and undermining are stopped…the inner silence is heavenly.
• More Love – When you are able to come from an internal point of Love instead of fear. Your world shifts amazingly from lack to gratitude.
• More Freedom – Less manipulation and cajoling from your internal critical self talk give you incredible freedom.
• More Proactive – Stop procrastinating, reduce and resolve fear-filled self talk – talk more action.
• Wealthier – Stop your “retail therapy” to try to make yourself feel good and worthwhile with external stuff.
• Calmer – When you stop the invisible nagger, doomsday foreteller and the what-if-winer… it all calms down inside.
• More Control – when you take back control from the blabbering-jabber-box mind that’s driven by fear of annihilation, you begin to be able to consciously create a more effective approach to living life now. You handle reality now, rather than shouldda, couldda, wouldda, mustda, aught-to… done something different.
•  Spiritual – When you can stop the inner trickster (Mind) you can begin to connect with your Soul and inner truth.
• Make a difference – When you come from Love, you are able to really make a positive difference in the world.
• Have More Fun – When you’re light and easy on the inside – it shows physically and emotionally on the outside.

There are many more benefits of becoming aware of, and attend to, our invisible conversations than we are able to explore here. Should you wish to hear my presentation on the power of invisible conversations – I’ll give a 50% discount on my presentation fees to all Inspiring women readers and subscribers. Valid for 60 days.

With Love – Your Catalyst and Alchemist

Tony Dovale
Life Masters Team Building & coaching

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